Description: Passive Aggressive Piper

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Description: Passive Aggressive Piper

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"Well Piper, Goodneighbor certainly seemed like an interesting place."

"Yeah, Blue, I'm sure."

"You seem a little distant."

"I'm fine."

"Are you sure you didn't mind me flirting with that singer?"

"I said I'm FINE, Blue."

"I mean, it didn't mean anything, it was just flirting."


(Blue picks up a tin can from the ground.)

"OOooo.. what's THAT for?"

(Blue looks at Piper for a long moment.)

"Are you SURE you're okay?"



by Greslin

This mod started out simply as a way of getting rid of Piper's annoying "what's THAT for" line. But then I thought, why not just tie it to affinity? If your relationship with Piper is currently neutral, then she's asking the question because she's trying to suss you out. If you're under the neutral point, she's pissed with you, and she's saying it because she knows you find it annoying.

That was the starting point. PAP now applies affinity checks to about a dozen or so of Piper's random/situational lines, particularly the more colorful, irritating, and sarcastic ones. As your relationship with her improves, those lines will start going away, and if your relationship sours, they'll come back. So if Piper's starting to sound a little like her old sarcastic "yeah, whatever" self, it's time to find out what's bothering her.

The downside is that as you reach Admiration and Infatuation, the variety of Piper's dialogue goes down a bit. Unfortunately, most situational dialogue only has three alternatives at most, so knocking one out of the mix limits my options. The "what's that for" lines happen when you pick up garbage, however, and this mod applies a flat neutral-or-less affinity check against the whole group. When she likes you, she'll stop commenting on your junk collection altogether.

Requirements: None, only base game

Compatibility: Will conflict with mods that change Piper's dialogue records, but otherwise should be fine.

Installation: Drop the ESP into your load order.

Uninstallation: Take it out.

Future plans: Dunno. Will probably implement something similar with other companions. If there's any sort of popular feedback from this Piper
mod, I'll release those as I put them together.

Have fun, and thanks for downloading!