Description: Lean Start Gear

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Description: Lean Start Gear

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by Greslin
released 3/14/2012

An alternate game start made for my own play.

This abbreviates the vanilla game start and begins the game a bit more realistically. Personally, I was dissatisfied with other alternate start mods that began the game just outside Doc's front door, but at the same time, the vanilla start is still too slow moving (not as bad as "wait until you grow up" in FO3, but still..).

This alternate start picks up the pacing to the vanilla start by:

1. Eliminating the vigor tester graphical sequence. When you activate the tester, it goes straight to the standard FO SPECIAL selector. It also becomes available as soon as you reach it, rather than only after Doc gets through his speech. Once you're on your feet, it works as soon as you can get there.

2. Eliminating the word association game Doc wants to play. Instead, once you sit on the couch (which you can do as soon as you're done with the vigor tester), Doc will say a few things and just move straight on to the standard traits and perks menus.

These changes significantly pick up the start game pacing.

What Else Does LSG Change?

This mod also starts the game on a bit more realistic note, changing up your start gear and health conditions:

1. You wake with significant health damage and a head wound. Remember, you were shot in the head, buried barely alive in the desert, and left in a coma for two days. You're rather hurt. Expect to take it easy on your first day (or two) in Goodsprings.

2. You wake dressed in Wasteland Doctors Fatigues and carrying only a few other things that Doc's willing to part with. How much do you think the bastards buried you with, anyway? Forget starting with armor, a gun, or anything useful other than a few basic supplies and a combat knife. Doc's "modesty" speech at the end has been cut, and don't expect a lame vault suit (because it's not a Fallout game unless you start out in a vault suit!) when you leave.

3. Several vanilla weapons and items (such as the broken 9mm SMG) have been removed from Doc's house. Go scavenge what you can in Goodsprings and hope for the best.

4. There's a movement speed penalty in place while you're in the start sequence. You're injured, disoriented and recovering from a coma. You shouldn't be dashing around like a freakin' jackrabbit. The speed penalty ends when Doc sees you out, and ONLY occurs in the start sequence. If you return to the house, speed is as normal.

5. The effect attributed to the Wasteland Medical Fatigues has been renamed from "Dr. Barrows lab coat" (WTF?) to "Nine Out Of Ten Agree". Makes a bit more sense for what's basically a "I look like a doctor" placebo effect.

With optional ESPs, you can also prevent Preorder packs from loading you down full of gear at game start, as well as disable the annoying messageboxes that pop up when the DLCs load.

Available Files and Requirements

There are several optional ESPs included in this package. They are:

ALL-IN-ONE: This contains everything but Preorder Relocations in a single ESP, and is for players who have all the DLCs and Add-Ons. It's essentially the same file as the previous v1.3 standard file. Requires all five DLCs and all four preorder packs. If you select All-In-One, do not select any of the Fixes files - this is the whole package.

MAIN ONLY: This is Lean Start Gear stripped down to essentials, with nothing done to Preorder loads nor DLCs. Requires nothing but FalloutNV.esm.

ADDON FIXES: This only disables the preorder packs from loading your new gear at the start of the game. All the equipment is still listed in the game database, and so are all still available for modding use. Requires all preorder packs, but does not require any of the DLCs nor the Lean Start Gear main file. It can be used alone.

DLC FIXES: This only disables the DLC startup message boxes that appear when you leave Doc's house. Everything else remains unchanged. Requires all four DLCs, but does not require any preorder packs nor the Lean Start Gear main file. Can be used alone.

PREORDER RELOCATIONS: See below. Requires all four preorder packs. Can be used alone, if that's really what you want.

I realize that some players have only a subset of DLCs or Preorders, and that these files require whole sets. That's just the way it's going to be. I have no plans to modularize this version any more finely than it already is.

Tested With..

This mod has been tested on vanilla FNV on both Normal and Very Hard difficulties. It has been carefully scoured with TESSnip to eliminate extraneous records, altering only the minimum necessary to create the effect.

The ONLY configuration LSG is guaranteed to work in without conflict is vanilla. However, I have successfully tested this with IMCN, A World of Pain, Everybody Bleeds, JSawyer, and other various smaller damage-related mods. Just place LSG at the bottom of your load order and you should be fine.

I have tested LSG with the latest FOMOD (v2.5) of Project Nevada, with all four PN modules activated. There was one very minor graphical issue in v1.2 of LSG involving Nevada, but as of v1.3 that should now be resolved. Your experience should be seamless.

Basic testing with Arwen's Reality Tweaks has turned up no conflicts. Arwen's overhaul changes a LOT in the game, so it's hard to say that LSG plays 100% nice with Arwen settings without extensive testing (which I don't plan to do). But the game start happens as I intended it.

What Won't Work?

Conflicts will likely happen with any mod that changes the startup quest sequence, initial equipment/start conditions, Doc's initial dialogue or perhaps health dynamics. Major changes to Doc's house (markers, the vigor tester, furniture, etc.) will probably conflict. Minor changes to Doc's house (such as the starter box in A World of Pain) shouldn't be issues.

So far, every potential mod conflict I've tested has been successfully resolved by loading Lean Start Gear at the very bottom of the load order.

A Note About Health


On vanilla, the original released version of this mod applied a 110 HP health damage hit, a serious head wound and a moderate chest wound upon awakening. Some people reported that, in combination with other mods, this can cause a "instant death" effect at the start of the game.

Any other mod that applies damage at game start is asking for mod conflict trouble. If you have another mod in place that reduces your health or applies additional damages, the points add up. If you're dying right at the start of the game, that's likely what's happening: you made your near death experience more traumatic, and you didn't survive it.

Starting with version 1.2 of LSG, this damage penalty is now applied on a percentage basis, based on whatever your initial health condition is.

Your HP will take roughly a 65% hit, while you will also receive an 85% hit to the head, and a 40% hit to the chest. Again, this is calculated against your existing stats, not your base stats.

This should help minimize any risk of instant-deathing due to compounding mod effects.

"Preorder Relocations"

The special NV preorder packs added nine items to the game: four weapons, four armors and a Vault 13 canteen. Lean Start Gear prevents any of them from being loaded at game start. Unfortunately, these items don't enter gameplay in any other way.

With this optional ESP, all nine unique preorder items are relocated to various far-flung corners of the Mojave. Don't expect them to be easy to reach, but they're also not impossible to find, either. If you play through the plot and are reasonably well traveled in LNV, you'll find most or all of them before the end.

Obviously, Preorder Relocations requires all four preorder DLCs. No other DLCs are required, and neither is Lean Start Gear. While PR is meant as a companion mod to LSG, it can be used alone with only the preorder DLCs.


Put the ESP(s) at the very bottom of your load order. That's it.