Description: More Realistic Cats

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Description: More Realistic Cats

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MORE REALISTIC CATS (Alt title: "Cats Of The End Time")
by Greslin
v1.2 released 2/24/2018

So I'm a cat person. I like dogs, too, but at heart I like cats more. And so discovering that Bethesda put cats into FO4 made me smile.

Until, at least, my first supermutant assault on Abernathy Farm, when their cat immediately became freaking cannon fodder. So I took a look at the race definition for cats, and found some room for improvement. In vanilla FO4, cats are basically slow moving targets, too stupid to get to cover when the shooting starts, and very likely to get killed right away. This should change that.


This mod changes the Cat race in the following ways:

Perception: 8 (Vanilla: 0) - because cats are usually VERY good at picking up on changes to their environment
Agility: 10 (Vanilla: 0) - because cats are basically the very definition of "agile"
Luck: 10 (Vanilla: 0) - because, well, they're cats
Health: 50 (Vanilla: 25) - a little insurance
Heal Rate: 10 (Vanilla: 0) - a little more insurance

Cats also now cannot open doors (Vanilla: they can?!), will regen health in combat, and they will avoid roads. They will also use "advanced avoidance", whatever the heck that is. I saw the flag and it sounded good.

Yeah, I know I could simply give cats a million HP or even set them to essential, but I'd rather make them just act like cats. Cats hate loud noises and, when confronted by a loud, messy scene, will go to ground fast. This should make FO4 cats do that, as well as give them a bit of health boost in case they're not quick enough to skedaddle.

NMM or just drop in the ESP.

Compatibility: Should work with anything that doesn't edit the cat race records. Cat NPC records are fine.


As of version 1.2, this mod should no longer break the "Here Kitty Kitty" quest involving Ashes. I have tested this firsthand.

In versions prior to 1.2, the main issue was the "can't open doors" flag, which turned out not to be just about doors. Actors flagged thusly also have trouble moving in and out of cells, which in turn breaks multicell escort missions. So, by setting that flag, this mod made it impossible for Ashes to leave Vault 81.

Yes, I could have simply unset the flag, but I wanted to solve that actual underlying problem. So as of v1.2, there are now two cat races: "CatRace" and "CatRaceClassic". "CatRace" is the new and improved MRC cat, while "CatRaceClassic" is the vanilla game record. The Classic cat race has exactly one member: Ashes. To the best of my knowledge, the only quest-critical Fallout 4 cat is Ashes from Vault 81, in the "Here Kitty Kitty" quest.

However, this will also cause issues with any other mods that also involve cat-led escort missions (are there any?). Mods that simply involve cats hanging out and sandboxing (such as Cannibal in Concord) should be unaffected. If you run into this issue with another mod, use FO4Edit to assign the alternate classic cat race to the mod's cat, and all will be well. Or ask me, and I'll do a compatibility patch. Thanks.

What the gaming media is saying! (Seriously. No, I don't get it, either.)

"Most of this is due to the modder putting points into Perception, Agility, and Luck —
in the vanilla game, cats scored zero in all three of these attributes.
Zero! Has anyone at Bethesda ever met a cat?" - PC Gamer, March 26 2017

"What Greslin found was that Bethesda had given cats zero perception, zero agility,
and zero luck. Now, if you know cats you know that's just wrong. Greslin thought so, too."
- Kotaku, March 27 2017

"Cat-Mod takes care of the cats of the end time"
- (Google translated from German) March 27 2017