Leaving Nexus and future plans

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Leaving Nexus and future plans

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As I'm sure you have probably heard by now, I have opted to take advantage of Nexus' 30-day deletion window, and have requested that Nexus remove all my mods from their hosting. If you want to know why, read my statement here.

For a basic brief on the current Nexus situation and why (among other reasons) mod authors are leaving, see this explainer from JuiceHead:

I don't think this was anyone's preferred outcome. I know it wasn't mine. But it is what it is.

Until further notice, distribution of all my mods will be via the GreslinGames Discord. I have been doing development and beta releases via Discord for a long while now, so I don't anticipate this to be a major shift.

I plan to continue developing PANPC, PACE, and my other mods via Discord, supporting them here.

Changelogs, articles, etc. that were previously hosted on Nexus are currently undergoing revision and reformatting, and will be posted here over the next week or two. I also plan to assemble/reformat the entirety of the PANPC changelog and get it posted as well.