Official PACE Changelog

New PACE releases.
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Official PACE Changelog

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== Version 1.00 (5/21/21)

Initial stable release.

== Version 1.01 (5/24/21)

[NEW] Support for Longfellow, Gage, Ada
[CHANGED] Dogmeat now attempts to not be underfoot when out of combat
[FIX] Dogmeat's self-heal bandana is back
[FIX] Added CHT MCM settings for DM's bandana and robot repair kits
[FIX] Various fixes to the Dogmeat AI script

== Version 1.02 (5/28/21)

[NEW] AI will now attempt to evade car explosion risks (Base)
[CHANGED] GoThere() target heading adjustment improved (Base)
[CHANGED] GoThere() routine locking enhanced to minimize "already on move" (Base)
[CHANGED] 75% chance of target redirect/hunt cancel when hit (Base)
[CHANGED] Dogmeat "underfoot" player range reduced slightly
[FIX] Base AI do not resume player follow if on current move order
[FIX] AI should now fully respect vanilla Wait command
[FIX] Crouching behavior w/sniper rifles limited to combat
[FIX] More fixes to Dogmeat self-healing
[FIX] Debug logging should now be off by default

== Version 1.03: 6/5/21

Note: unless specified, changes only apply to Base script (not Dogmeat)

[NEW] Rifle tactics
[NEW] Added "Ranged Get Away" maneuver in support of rifle tactics
[CHANGED] Move orders rejected if destination near explosion hazard
[CHANGED] Improved error reporting on direct order hotkey
[CHANGED] PACE AI will now attempt to keep minimum distance from player
[CHANGED] Adjustments made to Ranged combat styles
[CHANGED] Nearest combat target is always preferred one
[CHANGED] Perform quick tactical reassess when evading
[CHANGED] AI avoids melee combat w/"scary" enemies, seek distance instead
[CHANGED] Head track lock clears if AI loses LOS on target
[FIX] GoThere() angle heading calcs needed work
[FIX] Ada now correctly identified as a Bot
[FIX] Head mistracking appears to be (mostly) resolved
[FIX] Slight improvements in combat target selection and HSF mode